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Maya N Rao

 Maya Nakhdjavani Rao is the Managing Director of Customer Experience at FedEx Express, covering the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa (MEISA) region. Joining in 2017, Maya manages the customer care operations and customer experience solutions for the region, with a team of approximately 970 people, located across the region. With the key responsibility of enhancing customer experience through market-leading transformation and continuous improvement, Maya focuses on people, process, technology and innovation. Maya has more than 20 years of experience, including Fortune 100 financial institutions, covering a number of products and business areas, including retail, commercial and corporate banking. Over the span of her career, Maya has held roles in scientific research, marketing and business development. Maya is passionate about driving a diverse and inclusive culture. In previous roles, she re-designed products and services in order to accommodate all aspects of diversity, and enable growth in less-served populations. She has also developed mentorship, education, and work placement programs to enable diversity to flourish within the organization. Maya is a keen supporter of education and has personally participated in programs to help aspiring students gain scholarships and funding for further education.
Maya has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Clemson University in South Carolina, and a Master of Business Administration from Duke University in North Carolina, USA.
Maya is married with two sons. She enjoys reading and learning, and loves cooking, physical fitness, and performance arts.