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2022 Scholarship Recipients

IAWA is proud to present our 2022 Scholarship recipients. Each student has demonstrated a passion for aviation and embodies our commitment to Connect, Inspire and Lead

Swinburne University

Ruby Ryan

Bachelor's degree, Aviation Management and Business 

Ruby Ryan is a tenacious young woman from Australia who is passionate about all facets of aviation. Living in the United Arab Emirates as a young child and traveling extensively, ignited her passion for aviation. Ruby's aspirations for the future are to work with a major airline, primarily in an Integrated Operations Centre. Subsequent airport tours and her continuing studies in aviation have fueled her passion. Ruby's dreams of working in the aviation industry continually motivate her to achieve her goals, and IAWA's support will allow her to realize her full potential.

Cranfield University

Zoe Ashford

Master’s degree, Astronautics and Space Engineering.

Zoe Ashford intends to work in the Space sector on graduation, and her Master’s thesis is specializing in space propulsion. Zoë is an enthusiastic advocate for careers in STEM and has run her own outreach projects from Cranfield University, as well as several activities on behalf of the Cranfield Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (CranSEDS) society, of which she is President. She also is a volunteer with The Access Project, through which she tutors A-level students in Chemistry.

Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC), France

Carina Manase 

Master’s degree, Aerospace Systems Navigation and Telecommunications

Carina Manase is a determined young lady from Tanzania who is very passionate about aviation and technology. She has a background in Physics, Advanced Mathematics and Geography. Her passion in technology and aviation inspired her to participate in various projects and trainings that exposed her and ignited her passion even more. She participated in the Annual Tanzania Women Engineers Convention and Exhibition that aimed at enhancing women engineers toward social and professional development and together with her team managed to win the second prize.

Southern Methodist University, USA

Pauline Hodencq

J.D. Candidate, SMU Dedman School of Law

Pauline Hodencq is currently attending Southern Methodist University (SMU) Dedman School of Law as a second-year law student. She is particularly interested in the fields of Restructuring and Bankruptcy. She was selected as the new Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Air Law & Commerce for SMU Law Review. While this will allow her to further immerse herself in the field, she will also get the opportunity to bring awareness to emerging Aviation topics by publishing new timely scholarship. She wrote a comment that was recently published that discusses a novel issue at the crossroads between Bankruptcy and Aviation. While still a law student, Pauline plans to further leave a mark at her school and intends on founding the first Air & Space Law student organization at Dedman School of Law.