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Developing the next generation of leaders is a key component of IAWA‘s mission. One of our most important goals under this mission is to promote and drive diversity in our industry. Investing in a diverse group of female leaders in aviation and aerospace is a pointed, full circle effort for IAWA, which starts with the critical first step of our scholarship offering. Continuing with this investment, IAWA offers its managed mentoring program to all scholarship recipient's, and encourages them to participate. Completing the circle comes through the IAWA Internship program, which is worked in close collaboration with our member companies.

Scholarship Program

IAWA’s scholarships directly support the education of women who intend to follow a career in aviation or aerospace, in the disciplines of law, management, business or STEM. Through partnerships we have established at nine designated universities around the globe, scholarships are provided to candidates who are majoring in aviation/aerospace disciplines and demonstrate an active and ongoing connection with IAWA's commitment to Connect, Inspire and Lead.

Mentoring Program

IAWA encourages its scholarship recipients to reach out and participate in our mentoring program, in which we match women with a prospective or current IAWA member as a mentor to advise and assist in career development. We pair women who are embarking on an aviation career with IAWA members to gain insight into the many fields and opportunities of the aerospace industry.


IAWA matches up student or professional applicants with member companies to provide excellent opportunities for professional growth and instruction. Companies offer practical experience for the next generation of women in aviation.

Advance to the Next Level

Get connected to women in aviation who will help you advance your career.

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