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New Members

January 2024

Kozetta Chapman

Kozetta Chapman is the Senior Manager of Tech Ops Recruiting and Development at American Airlines. In her role, she champions the initiative to increase diversity within the Technical Operations space through recruitment, talent pipeline development, and community outreach events. She is also responsible for developing and implementing the team’s long-term strategy to ensure that the Tech Ops organization attracts and retains top talent.

With more than 20 years of experience in organizational development, Kozetta is focused on collaborating with others to develop strategies that are effective, innovative and transformative. Prior to her role at American Airlines, Kozetta was the Training Director for an international legal services company and a professor at the University of Oklahoma. As a professor, she instructed various courses including Minority and Ethnic Relations, Women around the World, Statistical Analysis and Social Problems. Most recently, Kozetta was a contributing author for the Association of Talent Development’s 2020 publication Leading the Learning Function: Tools and Techniques for Organizational Impact.

Maria Miller

Maria has been in the aviation industry since 2014. Joining an international law firm as a trainee, she quickly started working almost exclusively with the aviation finance team. She also developed expertise in corporate law and has worked on a couple of debt capital markets transactions. Maria has worked with both lessors and airlines and would love to connect with more people in the industry to share experience and learn more about personal and professional development.

Alicia Moen

Alicia is a former military aviator that is now a Senior Staff Consultant with Engineering Systems, Inc.

Eliane Scholtens

Having grown up in a very technical household with a grandfather who was a pilot, a father who got his private license in the 70s and three brothers who I would take turns with tinkering on our oldtimer cars, Elaine has always been interested in the aviation industry.

Following her studies of International Law at Leiden University, she began to work at LVNL (Air Traffic Control The Netherlands) in 2011. Besides training operationally as a Flight information Service Officer, she now works as Flow Management position controller and Deputy Supervisor for the entirety of the Netherlands. Additionally, Elaine is the Chair of the Works Council, which means she manages a team of 13 co-workers to provide advice and approval on a broad spectrum of business decisions and investments, and acts as a sparring partner for the Board of Directors as well as the Supervisory Board. This specific mixture of technical and business/legal continues to inspire her, and this is where she is looking to expand her career.

Elaine live in Voorburg with my husband and 5 year old daughter, where I enjoy living close to the beach and the many theatres and museums ‘next door’ in The Hague.

I very much enjoyed being a part of the conference in June 2023 and meeting so many interesting and like minded women from our industry. Unfortunately we are still so clearly in the minority and this was a unique event in that regard. IAWA sounds like exactly the community I am looking for and I would love to discover more in 2024.

Samantha Vela

Samantha is a 30-year-old female located in rural West Texas. In 2022, she decided to change careers from working in Higher Education to working and pursuing a career in Aviation. Samantha is currently going to school at MidlandCollege in Midland Texas and working at an FBO (Basin Aviation).

December 2023

Deniela Grene

I'm Deni, an aeronautical engineer, and I currently work int he early career programme in GE Aerospace as a strategic propulsion engineer in the MEA region for Emirates Airlines for GP7200 fleet. I love women in STEM and teaching.

Kelly Murphy

Kelly Murphy began her aviation career aged 16 as a private pilot and pursued her love of aviation through both family and professional connections for the next four decades.

Combining her passion of flying and writing, Kelly’s first aviation job was a four-year stint as managing editor of Professional Pilot magazine covering flight departments, helicopter operations, and private aviation owners. She met Alison Chambers during international air shows and events while editing the weekly newsletter Commuter/Regional Airline News. The two colleagues co-founded Emerald Media in 1987—a women owned international aviation PR and media relations firm—and embarked on a client growth strategy focusing on a variety of associations and OEMs including British Aerospace (later BAE Systems), Exostar, Flight Safety Foundation, Regional Airline Association, and Saab Aircraft. In addition, Kelly continued to add hours to her logbook through a family aerial photography business and airport hangar construction project at Virginia’s Culpeper Airport (CJR).

Kelly took her long-time Women in Aviation International membership to new heights as director of communications for this non-profit organization in 2015 and became editor-in-chief of WAI’s official publications Aviation for Women and Aviation for Girls. With strong ties to the Washington, D.C. aviation industry, Kelly is a strong supporter of encouraging the next generation of female aviators.

Melissa Kroener

After a career in litigation & private practice for over a decade, I transitioned to a commercial role at GE Aerospace in 2019. Since then, I have been a part of the MRO world in various capacities: warranty & business plan team, global licensing leader for GE/CFM external MROs, and am currently serving as the Americas Leader for LEAP program management (external MROs).

Zara Dempsey-Brench

A passionate aviation professional who has taken every opportunity to gain an informed appreciation of the Air Transport sector. Zara is the Manager Safety Performance at the UK CAA leading the team who ensures the continuous improvement of culture, procedures, and systems to advance Performance Based Regulation. Her team is responsible for delivering the framework for Risk Based Oversight, the Regulatory Safety Management System, and the CAA’s Safety Management Systems strategy and implementation of associated activities. She has also held the role of Performance Based Regulation Principal, where she ensured that the CAA operates a common approach to oversight of the aviation industry’s management of safety risks and enabling a proactive assessment of industry safety performance. Before working for the regulator, Zara held a number of dynamic roles within the commercial aviation sector to accumulate diverse knowledge of the industry. Roles included working as an Inflight Business Manager at British Airways (BA) managing a large operational team with responsibility for delivering targets in safety, people, operations, and customer service. Additionally, she has worked in Flight Operations at BA to project manage the procurement and implementation of an operationally critical, high value technology system. Zara has experience as an Alliances Implementation Executive in BA’s Network and Alliances team and in Supply Chain Management for a UK provider of Air Navigation Services, NATS. She holds a Masters degree (MSc Hons) in Air Transport Management from Cranfield University and a Bachelors degree (BSc Hons) in Air Transport and Logistics Management from the University of Huddersfield. Zara has actively contributed to research and is a published first author in a highly recognised journal.