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Maedeh Raven

During my internship at OpenAirlines, I had the chance to challenge my knowledge and improve my skills while working towards green aviation.

In the world of Learning and Development, innovation and technology are moving fast. It is an amazingly motivating time to be in the industry, and working with a young, professional and aspiring team. OpenAirlines is an intersection of science, technology and aviation.

Alina Santande

Mechanical Engineering Intern – Mechanical Project Engineering (Honeywell - Intelligrated)

"This internship exposes me to the real engineering world, which has enormous room for innovation. I consider this a vital stage in my career as the connections and experience I have gained will stay with me for life."

IAWA provides intermediary support between IAWA member companies offering internship opportunities and potential student or professional applicants in IAWA's network. IAWA reviews the requirements of both parties involved and works towards developing a match that will lead to a summer internship or fellowship opportunity at companies that are looking for IAWA's network of scholarship recipients and women’s development network. 

If there are available internship opportunities they will appear in our Career Growth or Career Hub member-only section of the website. If you have a questions for our Internship Committee, please email info@iawa.org.