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Scholarship Program

 IAWA partners with nine colleges and universities around the globe to bring scholarship opportunities to young women studying aviation and aerospace.   All nine university partners distinguish their programs by not only focusing on academic excellence in the aviation industry, they also intentionally focus on advancing gender diversity of their students and faculty members through their recruitment and retention. IAWA Members, including our Advocates and past Scholarship Recipients, and our University Partners jointly host events that highlight the importance of gender diversity and how we all can fill an important role in advancing the global aviation industry.  IAWA also works to expand industry relationships and partnerships to ensure our scholarship program remains funded to levels that will continue to make a difference for our scholarship recipients. 

The Scholarship application process is a reflection of the joint commitment by our university partners and IAWA to identify the next generation of female leaders in global aviation. A scholarship candidate must first obtain the approval to apply for the scholarship directly from their respective college or university and complete the detailed application package. Each institution then submits the completed application package of the finalists to IAWA. The students that are selected to receive an IAWA scholarship share  noteworthy and inspirational traits - they share our passion for aviation, they have demonstrated grit in overcoming challenges in their academic and personal lives, and, most importantly, they each have a desire to Connect, Inspire and Lead on their college campuses, in their work, and in their volunteerism.

IAWA’s scholarship is unique as it supports both the academic and professional development of our scholarship recipients.  Beyond a financial award for tuition, it also includes a free year of IAWA Scholar Membership that provides access to our events and Career Growth programs, attendance at our annual conference to connect with members and develop one’s professional network, the opportunity to participate in future IAWA events, obtaining a mentor in IAWA’s Mentoring Program, and access to Internships through IAWA’s network of partners in the aviation industry.   To learn more about the impact of IAWA’s scholarship, please listen to our podcast, Connect. Inspire and lead with our 2022 Scholarship Recipient, Carine Manase.

If you would like more information on the IAWA scholarship program, please email - info@iawa.org. 

Our University Partners

Cranfield University

Zoe Ashford

Master’s Degree, Astronautics and Space Engineering                

Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC), France

Carina Manase

Master’s degree, Aerospace Systems Navigation and Telecommunications


Lily Turner

Aeronautical Science


beatrice Dragomir

Southern Methodist University, USA

pauline Hodencq

J.D. Candidate, SMU Dedman School of Law

Swinburne University

Ruby Ryan

Bachelor's Degree, Aviation Management and Business

TU Delft

Gaia Roncalli

Aerospace Engineering

UTP Panama

Rosibeth Torrealba

Aviation Management

Vaughn college

Sadia Akhi

Aeronautical Science