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IAWA Career Growth

As an IAWA member you will have access to a member-only section that focuses on developing the skills and experiences that enables you to invest and reinvest in your career. 

The Career Growth Committee’s activities are created for IAWA Members by IAWA’s members and are an additional benefit to your membership as these activities and resources can only be accessed by being a member of IAWA. If you are an Member in good standing (including Advocate, Scholar, and Apprentice) and need to obtain access to the members’ portal, please contact info@iawa.org

    To date, these activities encompass:

    • Quarterly Webinars – These webinars focus on building both technical (financial empowerment) and nontechnical skills including building your work portfolio, general business acumen, making the most of IAWA and self-care/staying healthy.  These events have empowered several members to advance their career using the information shared and learned.
    • Book Club – These are selected books related to leadership, career advancement, and self-improvement among other topics with accompanying reviews that encourage members to change the way they think. The reviews outline why you should read each book, what you should take away, and how to take action to reinforce your learnings.
    • Our Podcast: Connect, Inspire, and Lead – The podcast guests reflect the diversity of IAWA's network and highlight the voices of members from all ages, all aspects of the global aviation industry, and all locations where IAWA members reside. Through our conversations, members who listen to the podcast are encouraged to think broadly about how each can apply the wisdom of the podcast guests to expand their experiences and further develop their careers and those of their team members.  To access the podcast through Spotify, please visit this link.

     In 2023, we are adding more members’ only content that further taps into the knowledge and expertise of our members:

    • Quarterly job skills outlook -  Contributors are our members who are talent acquisition experts within the airport, airline, cargo, OEM, business aviation, and C-Suite/Board markets and will focus on the skills and experiences that are needed in the dynamic segments of the aviation industry.
    • 20 Minute Master Classes focused on building your career - These pre-recorded sessions will include: How to build an international career without leaving your home; Creating greater social media engagement; How to become a Tedx Speaker; How to analyze a balance sheet, income statement, or statement of cash flow; with new content to be regularly added.

    The Career Growth Committee events are positively impacting the careers of our members....

    "I can share a positive impact the workshop did for me as it helped with my career growth. I was going through a stage in my career where I began to think about the future and my growth as a professional and I had been seeking advice from my mentor and anyone who has been in my position of what next?. I attended the workshop hoping to get some valuable information on what I can add to my portfolio. As the workshop came to an end, I decided to ask this group of professional women about how to enter or prepare for a management position without having prior experience as a manager. Their advice made me realize that I had the experience of managing and being a leader within my own organization, and gave me confidence that I was ready for a management position. A couple of weeks later, I was promoted to a management position at our company. I appreciated the advice they gave me and the confidence boost in advancing my career growth."    Stefany Davila, Quality and Continuous Improvement Manager, FEAM Maintenance/Engineering

    Coming Soon!

    An expanded Career Growth Resources area with information from experts in the field of aviation lending their knowledge to assist you in beginning or further developing your career. 

    Join IAWA now to enjoy these valuable benefits!

    For more information on IAWA or how to join, please email info@iawa.org.