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2021 Scholarship Recipients

IAWA is proud to present our 2021 Scholarship recipients. Each student has demonstrated a passion for aviation, and embodies our commitment to Connect, Inspire and Lead

Cranfield University, UK

Léane Mahé

Master of Science, Aerospace Vehicle Design

Léane fell in love with aviation at 15, when her uncle took her flying.  "Since that day, every time I have heard or seen an airplane in the sky, I rediscover this world."  One of her proudest achievements is becoming president of the aeronautics student association, so she could transmit her passion to others.  "I like to transmit to others, especially young girls, because I really think that girls miss representation in aeronautics during childhood. That is what I love in the International Aviation Women‘s Association. They represent the aeronautics of tomorrow and allow women to gather from all over the world to share their passion.  By connecting women together, we inspire new vocations and change the place of women in aerospace industry."

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), The Netherlands

Leanne van Dam 

Leanne is currently pursuing her MSc Aerospace Engineering in the track 'Control & Simulation' and the MSc honours programme. Many know her as the first female president of study association VSV Leonarda da Vinci (Sept. 2019 to Sept. 2020). After her studies, Leanne aspires to a career as a helicopter pilot in the Air Force.  Leanne is a well-rounded student with many interests, and her demonstrated leadership skills strongly resonate with IAWA’s commitment to Connect, Inspire and Lead.  Leanne is looking forward to building a network with inspiring female leaders in the aviation industry.  "I want to be a role model who inspires young engineers to live their dreams. Being a member of the global IAWA network helps me do that."

Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile (ENAC), France

Maedeh Ravan  

Master of Science, International Air Transport Operations Management

Since early childhood, Maedeh has been eager to learn about aircraft, and is now focused on aircraft design and operation, as well as machine learning and its use in complex transportation systems.  She is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and is active in their annual aircraft design competitions. "Having a sense of belonging to a supportive community like IAWA and growing among strong women will play a remarkable role in my academic and professional future. As a motivated and confident woman, all I need is an opportunity to show my performance in the aviation world.  For me, there is no space for excuses. I want to get the job I love and being a part of IAWA would give me this chance."

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), USA

Emma Rasmussen

BS, Aviation Business Administration / Aviation Safety

Few things excite Emma, "more than the aviation industry, the innovations borne out from it, and the endless opportunities it offers."  She is a member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators; has interned with Boom Supersonic, Republic Airways, and Sierra Nevada Corp; and is currently enrolled in the Boeing Career Mentorship Program.  In her free time, she documents the history of the Concorde on Instagram, with 40,000+ followers.  Emma is a senior at ERAU's Arizona campus, and plans to pursue a career in aviation safety management.

McGill University, Canada

Maria Manoli

PhD, Air and Space Law

Maria is currently completing her doctoral studies, and was recently appointed Executive Director at McGill University's Institute of Air and Space Law.  She is a published author, has interned with ICAO, and has participated in a number of significant industry research projects.  Upon graduation, Maria aspires to pursue a career with an international organization where she will, "be able to contribute to the formation of new policies and standards in the field of aviation, with a unified and global approach towards new challenges in the safety of aviation."

Southern Methodist University, USA

Taylor Williams

Juris Doctor

Taylor is a first generation college graduate, and credits her mother's selflessness and guidance for her academic success. She pays it forward as a mentor in the Academic Success Program, helping other students who are struggling with the changes law school brings.  "Being able to contribute to this group is easily my biggest achievement in law school."  Taylor served as a staff editor on the SMU Law Review Association and as an editor for the Journal of Air and Commerce.  "It sparked my interest in aviation.  I love how uniquely global this area of law is. I love combining my interests of environmental justice and aviation. Working on the journal in law review has drawn me to seek out how transactional work and the aviation industry can work together in my career. 

Swinburne University, Australia

Caitlin Mollison

Bachelor of Aviation

A chance encounter in Grade 10 led Caitlin to pursue a career in aviation. "In 2016, whilst at high school in Vancouver BC, I attended a talk by a female first officer with Air Canada. She spoke about her career and how she was currently flying 787s between Toronto, Vancouver, and Brisbane. That was my aha moment and from there I was inspired to pursue a career in aviation. It took just one strong, motivated, enthusiastic female pilot to spark my interest in pursuing this career. I hope I can be that one person in someone else‘s future!"  Caitlin is dedicated to volunteerism, and received the Earl Beaumont Citizenship award. "This has been one of my proudest achievements to date. Being able to help others and doing my small part is a particularly satisfying experience."

Universidad Tecnológica de Panamá (UTP), Panama

Cristina Estribi

BS, Aviation Management - Flight Option

Cristina's passion for aviation is long-held, with clarity at a very early age that she wanted to become a pilot.  She says of herself, "I like to connect with people by participating in community groups that lead and inspire others to bring out their best from themselves."  Working her way through college, one of her former employers writes, "Cristina has a beautiful sense of self that allows her to navigate the world with infectious confidence, creating possibility wherever she goes."


Joselyn Bultron

BS, Aviation Management - Flight Option

Joselyn has dreamed of flight since she was 8 years old.  With her mother's encouragement, she found the courage, confidence and desire to pursue her dream of becoming an airline pilot.  "Aviation is demanding, but over the years my passion for aviation has grown.  I see it as a challenge. I want to inspire all little girls, and be an example of leadership and empowerment."

Yohanis Fuentes

BS, Aviation Management - Flight Option

Yohanis is working her way through college while maintaining a strong commitment to volunteerism, and plans a career as a commercial pilot when she graduates.  "This world is made out of passion and dedication, and I would like to be part of it, demonstrating the incredible beauty of aviation, and encouraging those who do not dare."

Ellen Murillo

BS, Aviation Management - Flight Option

Ellen fell in love with aviation in high school, and she is now a second year student at UTP where her favorite subject is Safety.    While she knows her academic and professional journey may not be an easy one, she is filled with determination.  "I am on the correct path no matter the obstaclesif someone desires something with heart and determination and patience, they will achieve it."

Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology, USA

Alina Santander Vinokurova

BS, Mechatronic Engineering

Alina developed her love of aviation at age 15.  She has medaled at the science Olympics, participated in NASA competitions, and become a noteworthy public speaker.  She is  committed to improving opportunities for women in STEM, and "learning the art to convey encouraging and motivating messages to everyone who is following their dreams and sometimes encounters obstacles in their way."  At Vaughn, she is the founding president of the newly formed NASA Rover Club, as well as president of the Society of Women Engineers.