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Kate Anderson

Kate Anderson is the Director of Pricing at Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), headquartered in Chicago, IL. She is responsible for overseeing the asset maintenance and tip-to-tail pricing for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. In addition, she works directly with Advisory Services in performing appraisals and asset evaluations. She also leads the Program Development team to implement updated asset pricing, annual increases, and assists in new program development from a pricing perspective. Mrs. Anderson works with third-party actuaries to determine profitability of individual contracts and the overall programs of JSSI’s 4,000 assets. She also continually works to increase the pricing validity with data analytics and comparing actual JSSI costs to projected costs.
Mrs. Anderson currently holds an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate, which she received in 2001, and is a Certified Flight Instructor, which she also received in 2001. She received her Multi-engine Commercial Certificate in 2002.
Her experience in aviation maintenance started while working for an air charter part 135 operation in 2004. During her time there she assisted with FAA conformity inspection for a fleet of aircraft ranging from Gulfstream, Falcon, Citation, Hawker, Beech Jet and Learjets. Mrs. Anderson was responsible for performing extensive Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Chapter 5, Logbook, FAA Form 337, Standard Type Certificates (STC), Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA), Airworthy Directive (AD) and Service Bulletin (SB) compliance research for the fleet of aircraft. She received extensive training in scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, including phase and engine inspections on the fleet of aircraft.