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Heidi Eadie

I started my career in aviation as an air traffic controller in the Navy in 2009. In 2015 I went on to work as a dispatcher and a dispatch supervisor for Piedmont airlines, a wholly owned carrier of American Airlines, running their operation. I then accepted a role at American Airlines as a Sector manager in their integrated operations center helping run and make operational decisions for the airline as a whole both mainline and regional. From there, I was given the opportunity to work with all 7 AA regional carriers as the Manager of Regional Operation Coordination. After helping to lead them to their best performance metrics in history, I passed the reigns off to a mentee of mine and took on a new and exciting challenge as the Senior Manager of Customer Recovery for the entire AA system. I have a team of 23 managers, soon to be 30, that I am currently driving to their best results as well through the use of our leadership attributes and look forward to taking on the next big challenge.