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Candra Schatz

I am currently the Senior Manager, Corporate Safety at American Airlines. I began her career with American Airlines in 1999 in the IdeAAs in Action Program, an employee suggestion program. I then moved to the operational side of the airline by working for three years as an aircraft router in the Maintenance Operations Center. I later spent three years supporting the TUL Continuous Improvement office assisting maintenance shops and overhaul docks with lean manufacturing and Six Sigma activities, including assisting in the development of a heavy check "pulse line" concept that improved efficiency and reduced the turn time from 28 days to 14 days. I later transferred these maintenance experiences to the safety side of the airline as to assist the FAA mandated Continuing Analysis and Surveillance System (CASS) and the Maintenance Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP). In this role I facilitated root cause analysis, human factors and risk management. As a CASS Analyst, I assisted safety in facilitating an operational safety culture assessment, led by St. Louis University Parks College. She also facilitated a study requested by the FAA to test the application of just culture to the ASAP program. I worked with all four of American’s ASAP programs, the FAA and the research department from the University of New Mexico to collect data for the 18 month test. The test was considered a success and has resulted in American’s ASAP programs continued use of just culture in their programs, and the FAA rewrite of the regulatory guidance for voluntary programs to align with just culture.

I also played an active role at American in the implementation of the Safety Management System under the FAA SMS Pilot Program. I worked closely with each of American’s operating departments in procedure development, training and the development of safety risk management tools. In 2010, I began assisting American’s Maintenance & Engineering department in the development of “Just Policy”, which is a policy statement that treats all errors and violations as opportunities to learn and commits to apply discipline to only the reckless acts, per just culture. I assisted in the development of American Airlines “Critical Behaviors” campaign, to include communications and a training program, which is intended to take the lessons learned from the two years of just policy investigations and drive behavioral change in the organization. My 21 years with the company, also provided me with experience in all aspects of safety risk management, human factors and just safety culture principles and application. I am skilled in TapRoot and Boeing MEDA root cause analysis, bow-tie risk methodology, cognitive interviewing and is certified in just culture through OutcomEngenuity. I have been the company trainer for Just Culture, SMS, and risk management for 10 years. I have presented on behalf of American Airlines at many safety conferences to include: the FAA Safety Management Systems Focus Group Meetings, FAA ASAP Infoshares, and the St. Louis University and the Parks College Safety Across High Consequence Industries Conference.